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Setting up a website and not sure where to start?  Is your existing site getting not achieving the results that you want?  The Web Resource Center provides advice on how to get the most from your website, including registering a domain name, website design, website maintenance and effective promotion.

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Website Design Templates

You can create an exceptional website for less than $100 and in as little as a couple of hours using a design template.

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The Web Resource Center provides website design, website maintenance and website promotion advice. This advice includes how to select and register domain names, how to design an effective website, how to maintain your site using a content management system (CMS), how to write effective content for your site, and how to promote and monitor your website.

We also show you how to develop and maintain a first-rate site on a budget using tools such as website templates, inexpensive content management systems, and even recommend good quality, affordable providers where we can.

Specific areas of advice include: free website design tips and articles on website design, info about web design for beginners, articles explaining how to make a web page, website maintenance advice, and advice on how to promote my website and web promotion advice in general.